Red Bones Food Truck, Back Bay, Boston

I have eaten at Red Bones in Somerville twice now. The first time I tried the Memphis and Baby Back ribs, hushpuppies (cornbread with scallions and garlic), the second time I had an online deal coupon. Red Bones has local bike delivery and take out, for those that do not want to wait in the line.

I do not know of anyone except for vegetarians, who doesn’t salivate when we talk about Red Bones. It is so clear their eyes open wider and get excited for some ribs and bbq. This is exactly what happened to me when a friend said there was the Red Bones Food Truck in the Back Bay. We walked over to Clarendon and Boylston, next to TD Bank.

The red Red Bones Food Truck

The restaurant menu is extensive and the truck menu is an edited version including pulled pork, pulled chicken (chopped chicken, brown sugar and mustard), bbq beef, portobello mushroom and the 1/4 rack rib combo (with 2 sides) for $10. Sides include cornbread, dirty rice, mac and cheese, baked beans and potato salad.

Art work on the truck

1/4 rack (four St. Louis pork ribs) $6.00 and corn bread $1.00. Combined meal, $7.00

Look how amazing these ribs look. 

The meat literally fell off the bone.

The cornbread was soft and tasted so buttery.

My friend’s pulled chicken sandwich. She added a lot of sauce, but the meat was sweet and tender.

I told a friend about my great lunch, checked the web for the evening location of the Red Bones Food Truck, and we immediately walked over at dinner time near the Boston Public Library to get him his own rib combo. 1/2 Rack of ribs (6 ribs) for $12 and 2 sides, mac and cheese and collard greens.  No, I didn’t order more for myself, but after a small taste of the Red Bones truck fare, I am more tempted to go back to the Somerville restaurant and test out other items on the menu at another juncture, if not another trip to the truck.

Redbones Barbecue on Urbanspoon

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