Memories and Food: Miami

Miami  is synonymous with the clear blue waters, fast cars, beautiful people and amazing Latin cuisine. It’s an all you can eat plantain, pork, fried item, rice and beans and churros love fest.

Miami beach

Bakery in Calle Ocho with custards, flans, doughnuts

Located in Little Havanna, El Rey de La Fritas, was featured by Bobby Flay. They serve pan con lechon (roast pig), Cubano sandwiches, chicarrons (fried pork cracklings), tostones (plantains), flan and best of all, Fritas.

A Fritas is a Cuban version of the American hamburger, with a beef and chorizo meat patty and freshly fried potato sticks

El Rey de Las Fritas on Urbanspoon

A few doors down from El Rey is an ice Cream and churros shop. We had to stop by.

A overgenerous owner gave us a large portion of sugar dusted churros for a few dollars.

Situated right near the water, we went to Latin American Bayside Cafe. Sitting outside, we had frozen drinks and enjoyed the breeze. The restaurant serves a lot of egg and breakfast dishes, traditional dinner platters and Cuban sandwiches such as a medianoche (ham, pork, swiss cheese, pickles on a roll).

I had the house specialty Bistec De Palomilla, arroz blanco, frijoles negros y maduros, thinly cut palomilla steak, white rice, black beans and fried plantains for $9.50.

We tried the Masas de Puerco Con Moros, Yuca y maduras, fried pork chunks, mixed rice and black beans, cassava, and fried plantains, all for $9.50. Midway through the meal, I was stuffed, the comatose kicked in and I was ready for a siesta.

Latin American Bayside Cafe on Urbanspoon

For a friend’s birthday we went to George’s in the Grove, in Coconut Grove. This French International restaurant which has a lively, chatty atmosphere and clearly the bubbly was flowing not only at our table, but throughout the restaurant. At random times, music will be blaring “It’s Raining Men“, strobe lights would go off and restaurant patrons will just hop on top of their seats and start dancing. There design has a Buddha and a zen aesthetic, although the vibe is quite the opposite.

A lot of folks in our party had steak frites, moules frites, truffle fries and I had the roast chicken. It was clear everyone was raving for the truffle fries.

George's in the Grove on Urbanspoon

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