Oishii, South End, Boston

I have been wanting to go to Oishii for quite some time now. Oishii is located on Washington Street (near Myers and Chang) and there is another location in Chestnut Hill. The ambiance is very zen and upon entrance you are greeted by 4-5 staff members. There is a quiet buzz in the dining rooms and sushi bar. The chefs are true masters and suggest various local and daily catch.

Sake flight

We started off with a sake flight and received little sake descriptions and the brands we tasted included Junmai, Ginjo,  Daiginjo, Kusu, Kaikouzu and Shonen Jidai. The sakes progressed in terms of strength and bitterness (like a cheese tasting). I really enjoyed the sakes which were lighter and sweeter than the rest. As I kept trying, I yearned for the previous sake.

The grilled black cod with sweet miso sauce was quite tender, flakey and flavorful.

We tried a great variety of maki and sushi pieces including the following (I starred favorites)

  • TOMOE Maki (Triple Swirl Makis with Salmon, Avocado, and Gold Tobiko)
  • Abalone Maki (Abalone Tempura inside with Seared Abalone covered outside)
  • Seared O-TORO Sashimi with Caviar and Ice Wine Topped with Gold Flake*
  • The Maki Covered with Toro also referred to as “The Maki” (Spicy Mayo, Asparagus, Cucumber, Bonito Flakes and Toro Torched on top with Gingery Sauce and Jalapeño) *
  • Named after you Maki (Cucumber, Spicy mayo, Tobiko Covered with Tuna and Whole Grain Mustard on top and Sprinkle with Aotate)
  • Oishii Spicy Tuna Tempura Maki (Bluefin Tuna Sashimi, Fleur De Sel, Chives, wrapped with seaweed) *
  • Sockeye Salmon covered Maki (Tobiko, Avocado Maki with Sockeye Salmon)

  • Menegi, Ponzu, and Hawaiian Rock Salt Sprinkle on Top
  • Oishii Sashimi Maki (Bluefin Tuna, King Salmon, Yellowtail, Mutzu wrapped in Cucumber)
  • White Tiger Maki (Tuna, Tobiko, Avocado and Cucumber rolled in White Seaweed with Ting San‟s Wasabi Flavored Lemony Sauce on Top)
  • Oishii Spicy Scallop Maki (Scallops, Black Tobiko, Cucumber, Kaiwali, and Spicy Mayo) *

We also ordered a spicy tuna and eel avocado maki to compare against other sushi places. I would say Oishii is strongest in its own specialized combinations versus the standard rolls.

The Grilled Black Peppered Black Pork Chop with Onion Sake Sauce and a side of rice was very tender and black pepper crust was very delicious, however the onion sake flavor didn’t suit my taste and was a bit too salty.

I really loved the Green Tea Tiramisu with hot green tea. The sweet cream and warm green tea was a great contrast and exceptionally elegant.

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