Bon Me Food Truck, Boston

A crunchy baguette, marinated protein, tangy pickled vegetables and fresh herbs is what I call a perfect sub. My beloved Banh Mi. I get one of you at least twice a month for $3.00 in Chinatown. The Bon Me Food Truck can be found near South Station at Dewey Square, City Hall Plaza, Copley Plaza and at the Sowa Market. Diners have a choice of several Vietnamese and Japanese fusion options including a banh mi Vietnamese french baguette sandwich $6, rice or noodle salad.

Each carbohydrate medium has pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber, cilantro and onion. For proteins there are the choices of chicken, pork or tofu and shitake.

The tri-owners have some hefty pedigrees including Wall Street and the CIA before they founded the yellow food truck. What I do find intriguing is that a majority of Banh Mi shop and owners are not of Vietnamese descent, but of Chinese or Korean origin. Of the 4-5 store fronts in Chinatown, few or Vietnamese. Either way, the owners know a good business proposition when they see one.

The order window with chopsticks and sriracha “rooster” chili sauce. 

We tried a refreshing thai iced tea, sweet and milky $2.50.

Cold Rao’s Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk $2.50. I have dripped Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and the strength of the concentrated coffee with sticky creamy milk is a great combination.

 The chicken banh mi was $6 and the bread was lightly toasted, full of picked vegetables and cilantro and tender marinated chicken. When compared to a Chinatown $3 banh mi, the Bon Me banh mi is relatively similar.

I like the additional options of tea eggs, edamame sides, as well as cold beverages, teas and coffees. I want to try the thai basil limeade sometime and the other banh mi sandwiches. I wish they had bbq beef, which is my favorite filing in my banh mi versus the traditional cold meats and pate.

Bon Me Truck at SOWA Open Market (Sundays) on Urbanspoon

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