Staff Meal, Boston

Staff Meal is a food truck which has a great concept, offering high-end street food inspired by restaurant staff meals. The owners have backgrounds at  Bravo at the MFA and Bistro du Midi and really flex their creative culinary muscles.

The simple white, Staff Meal truck can be found in the Back Bay at the Boston Public Night and on Washington Street near Peter’s Park in the South End on various evenings.Some of the items being served the day we saw the truck include hot dog arepas, chinese sausage in steamed bun, foie baklava (pyllo and duck liver), steak bomb, cassoulet sub (garlic sausage, white bean stew and duck confit) and griddled pound cake (grilled in chicken fat and apple butter).

Currently, there  is a new iteration of the steamed bun with latin inspiration with rice and beans and chorizo. I definitely want to try that. The steak sandwich as of late is a salisbury steak sandwich with hash browns.I loved the homage to artist Shepard Fairey and Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson. (In my opinion, he the best character on the show, with a close second to Leslie Knope).

Staff Meal sandwich boardI really appreciate the high-end dog treats for $1, Chicken Heart Dog Madeleines.

Fire decal decorCooking the arepas and hot dogs

The $4 hot dog arepa was so delicious. The melty cheese, caramelized onion, salty hot dog went so well with the crispy cornmeal arepa. I hope this circulates on the menu again.

Staff Meal (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

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