Ole Mexican Grill Revisited, Cambridge

The last time we went to Ole Mexican, was in a huge group and we tried margaritas, desserts and a tequila flight. So it was timely that we returned to Ole Mexican for proper meal with appetizers and entrees. Inman Square is somewhat of a trek, but since the previous visit was a good preview we wanted to come back.

The parking lot next to the restaurant was completely full, so we needed to circle the lot for approximately 15 minutes for a patron to exit. Fortunately, we eventually got a spot. The parking cost us $4.00 and was the most frustrating aspect of our dinner meal.

The restaurant was pretty busy on a Wednesday evening. I am glad we made reservations in advance.

Various Mexican tapestries and colorful decor

Although we didn’t order the fresh, made to order guacamole, it looked really tempting. Almost every table around us ordered the guacamole. The chips and salsa were very fresh. The salsa had a tomato pepper flavor and the chips were warm and crispy.

I ordered the chile relleno con queso, a fresh farmer cheese stuffed in poblano pepper with ranchera salsa, cotija cheese, epazote and parsley and a side fresh corn tortillas for $10. I thought the dish was pretty lackluster, but maybe it is because I am too accustomed to the breaded, fried pepper with oozing cheese. There wasn’t much flavor, spicy or seasoning, so for me it was as if I ate a plain roasted pepper with a little dusting of cheese on the inside.

The Elote con Chili, street vendor style corn with crema, chile-lime salt was $5. There was a wonderfully excessive amount of mayonnaise and cheese enrobing the corn. I liked how the corn was on a skewer, a smart way to serve elote.

The tacos de pescado, beer battered haddock, handmade corn tortilla, cabbage slaw, cilantro pesto, chipolte mayo and black sesame seeds was a hit for $9. It had a crispy, fluffy batter and the slaw was fresh and crisp. I really liked the pesto and mayo combination. If I am ever in Inman again, I would stop by for the fish taco.

Our server forgot the shrimp tacos we ordered and so we put in a order of fish tacos instead.

The Quesadilla Mexicana was the best serendipitous addition to my Mexican dish repertoire. I ordered this app on whim because of the description, a Mexico City style quesadilla, corn masa pockets, stuffed with poblano peppers, on black beans, crema and grated cotija cheese for $8. The corn pocket was warm and crispy, like an arepa. The bean, cheese and pepper filling was so zesty and gooey. I wish my supermarket or Trader Joe’s would have a version of this in the freezer section so I could have them right now.

The scallops al ajillo, sea scallops sauteed in olive oil, chile aribol, roasted garlic, served with homemade tortillas  was too salty and nothing memorable $10. We wouldn’t try this again.

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