El Pelon Taqueria, Brighton

I have begging the burrito and Mexican restaurant higher forces to repoen the Fenway location of El Pelon Taqueria. In fact, I called the BC/Brighton area location what was the ETA of the Fenway location and it is up to city ordinances. I have so many fond memories of the oversized burritos, tacos and chips and salsa from here.  I was devastated when I got the news that the Fenway location burned down.

My friend from Ecuador’s first dining request was to go to El Pelon. Now that is nostagia and the power of El Pelon.

The bald guy still looks good. I didn’t notice the little bird and his thin mustache before. New discoveries every time.The BC location is much more spacious then the old Fenway location. Granted, the former Fenway location had outdoor seating. 

The little knick knacks, flag and sombrero decor.

I had to order a small serving of the chips and salsa. The chips were crispy, fresh and warm. The salsa with cilantro and onion was refreshing.

The regular sized bean and cheese burrito $4.50. Usually I would split this or share, but greed can overcome someone sometimes. I felt way too stuffed after the halfway mark and yet I just could not stop.

The warm flour tortilla covered the inner goodness. I see you inside inner goodness.

I love the hearty black beens, ooey cheese, fresh salsa, rice and El Pelon love.

I am counting down the days until I can reconnect with my one and only burrito love. Once that Fenway location is back in my life, I will be one of the first ready to stamp my El Pelon card. Ana’s, Cha Cha Cha, Chipotle and Bolocco do not compare.El Pelón Taquería on Urbanspoon

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