Umai, Newbury Street, Boston

We had a ScoutMob discount for Umai so we walked over next to Upper Crust and Tanorama on Newbury to try the new sushi restaurant. Despite the discount, I would go back for full-priced Japanese fare. The biggest challenge the restaurant has is all the other competitors in the immediate area. I really hope they drive more interest and more people patron this place.

The restaurant is spacious with the sushi bar in view upon entrance. We sat at one of the window display tables. It was interesting to sit in the display area where usually products or merchandise are in the window.  It felt like we were literally on display and in a fish bowl for shoppers to see.

We tried the fried boneless chicken $6.75. The chicken was so tender and the batter was very crispy. The two dipping sauces soy garlic and ginger were both so tasty. They really enhanced the flavor of the chicken.

We ordered a Spicy Tuna Roll $5.50 and Spicy Yellowtail roll $5.50. All the rolls were the right amount of white rice and fresh high quality fish.

To try something different, we ordered the mango, salmon, cream cheese and avocado $7.50. The creaminess from the avocado and cream cheese really countered saltiness of the salmon and sweetness of the tropical flavored mango. The well scored salmon sushi was also really tender.The Fried tofu (inari) $3.00 had a sweet soy flavor and was a little pocket for the moist rice. The Idaho maki $5.50 had the right amount of crisp tempura sweet potato filling.

Umai on Urbanspoon

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