The Brahmin, Back Bay, Boston

The Brahmin has transformed the former 33 Bar into an old world New England restaurant and bar. There are an eclectic selection of artwork hung and the restaurant has dim lighting, a warm cozy atmosphere and you feel as if there is a fire in a furnace crackling. The restaurant’s kitchen serves the full menu until 11pm and has grilled flatbreads until 1:30am.

We really liked the lux leather couches and dainty and feminine fixtures handing from the ceiling.

The menu cover. Our server was very informed and very warm. He really made great suggestions and paced our meal so well.

We tried the Tuna two ways, which had fresh sushi grade tuna sashimi  and tuna tartare, served with refreshing water melon for $10. The tuna tartare was melt in your mouth and had a bit of green matter from the micro greens. I liked the additional option to have more texture, as the tartare was served with a few slices of toasted french bread. The sashimi was seared and seasoned well.  I will order this again.

Chicken can be rubbery, tough and dried out. The Brahmin’s chicken skewers were quite the opposite. The grilled chicken skewers were tender,  juicy, well grilled and served with flavorful, bright and sweet cilantro lime dipping sauce for $7.50.

I love adult renditions of childhood favorites. We tried the crispy serving of tater tots with a trio of truffled ketchup, garlic aioli and grainy mustard. I liked the fresh tasting and earthy truffled ketchup the best and then the garlicky creamy sauce for $6.

Back when The Brahmin was 33, we ordered these melt in your mouth, saucy short ribs. I just remember them being some of the best short ribs I had ever had. In honor of former 33 short ribs, we ordered two orders of the short ribs with cauliflower-parsnip puree and pickled shallots for $11. This version had a nice texture, very soft, well marinated beef. However, the puree was a bit bland and didn’t add or enhance the protein.

The truffled mac and cheese was such a hearty portion for $7. I absolutely would come back to Brahmin for the mac and cheese alone. Although rich, it was not heavy. It was a lush, satisfying mouthful of creamy al dente pasta. Every forkful would yield a few strands of cheese. I really liked the stringiness of the cheese and the crunchy dusting of breadcrumbs.

I would definitely be returning again for moderate priced, American small plates. Next time I am going to try the smoked bacon BLT, Steak Frites and to sample the flatbreads and order the tuna and truffle mac and cheese again!

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