Zaftigs Delicatessen, Coolidge Corner, Brookline

For the past year, my friend and I have been trying to make a Zaftigs date to walk around Coolidge Corner and then try the matzo ball soup. After my quick take home order, I am planning on more visits to eat my way through more of the menu. The menu is extensive and has hot and cold breakfast items, salads, fish plates, potato pancakes, knishes, chopped liver, gefilte fish, latkes, corned beef and pastrami, sandwiches, burgers, roast chicken and turkey, stuffed cabbages and soups.

The Zaftigs vibe is super relaxed, homey and the staff are very friendly. There were a few families dining and individuals sitting with their newspaper, enjoying their meal.

The display section had monstrous sized cupcakes, half moon cookies, hostess like cupcakes, brownies, cake bars and eclairs. A patron that ordered at the counter before me came in specifically for a cookie.I ordered the quart size of chicken matzo ball soup for $8.95 which has two matzo balls. The cup was $3.75 and and pint was $4.95.

There were thin egg noodles, chunks of carrot and large slivers of onion. The broth itself tasted so warming and clearly homemade. The best aspect of the soup was the soft matzo ball. It had absorbed all the chicken flavor into the ball. The Zaftig eclair had a fudgy chocolate strip and a thick lightly sweetened custard center. The pate choux was a bit dry, but the eclair overall was enjoyable.

Zaftigs Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

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