Thai Basil, Back Bay, Boston and Foodler

I think I have tried most delivery services in Boston, including DiningIn, GrubHub, Seamlessweb, Dash and now Foodler.

What makes Foodler enjoyable to use is the easy, simplistic interface and I like how the website is highly navigable. GrubHub only has an Iphone app (I am an Ipad user) and I have expererienced bugs and crashes using the DiningIn website while adding special instructions on pizza toppings.

Foodler website on my ipad

Foodler has a lot of nice nuances and functionalities. It lists in the right sidebar instant rebate discounts and various coupons for free items or a certain percentage off the first order.

have ordered take out at Thai Basil for lunch before and the Newbury Street restaurant is always busy during lunch hours.  I felt Thai Basil would be a good test experiment to use Foodler because I already knew the menu and the restaurant location. What was very lucky and quite fortuitous was that my first order with Thai Basil resulted in 15% off and had free delivery.

Foodler lists the 3rd parties who deliver such as Dash and the website enables the ability to sort the Top Rated, Most Rated and Recommended menu items. Each item has pretty granular, detailed descriptions of the food items. One adjustment I think would be beneficial is, in addition to providing a star rating, it would be great for users to have the functionality to could write their review and descriptions of the dishes.

I used the search box to search for specific menu items, including wonton soup. Foodler came up with the various restaurant options and the variance in pricing. This was helpful to find out pricing at other restaurants and where else had wonton soup in Boston.

I liked the drop down section that was easy to add allergy restrictions (in this case no shrimp for my fellow diner) and special instructions. We ordered wonton soup for $3.50 each and Fried Rice Tropical for $9.95.

In addition, I received estimate arrival time and confirmation email. The delivery was made 15 minutes earlier than expected which was a nice surprise.

Thai Basil’s take out delivery bag. Yes, I will have a nice day and meal, thank you very much!

The contents of the order included a few paper napkins, plastic utensils, chili sauce, dipping sauce, 2 wonton soups and Fried Rice Tropical.

The tropical rice was very warm and had tender chicken (not an ounce of shrimp), chunks of pineapple, slivers onions, baby corn, crispy snow peas, mushrooms, sweet green peppers, spiced madras curry powder, and cashew nuts. This exotic version of fried rice was was well seasoned from the curry and loaded full of vegetables and nuts. I wish there were a few more pieces of tender chicken, but otherwise, it was very satisfying.
The warm wonton soup contained delicate wrapped with mince chicken, shrimp and vegetables in clear broth.

I really liked the four floating wonton dumplings with the flavorful clear broth and crispy snap peas and zigzag cut carrots. I certainly would order this again. Overall, I think I would use Foodler much more often than the other service providers because I had a very solid experience.

**Disclaimer:  I received FoodlerBucks to try the Foodler service and to offer my review.

Thai Basil on Urbanspoon

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