Foo(d) AS220, Downtown, Providence

Before Les Miserables, we met friends for dinner. Our friend suggested a AS220, a quaint restaurant she had lunch at before for inexpensive, healthy fare. AS220 is a non-profit community of arts space and restaurant. The menu was very affordable, ranging from $2.00 to $9.50 and features work of local artists.

The restaurant has a bar on the left hand side of the room. There is counter seating and there are several inlets near the window with larger 6-8 seats for larger groups. This is the wall features daily specials.

There was a performance from a group playing country folk on fiddles, banjoes and violins.

Some of the art featured on the walls.

Art from the gallery space.

The juke box is engineered with fun toys.

Fun and freaky right?

We started off our meal with local Rhode Island, Yacht club cream soda for $2. The cream soda is light, sweet and reminds me of childhood.

The AS220 menu offers a wide range of hearty, well-portioned soups, salads, small sides, sandwiches and main entrees.

I had the spicy tomato soup with smoked goat cheese and fresh basil for $4. The soup was chunky, fresh and the cheese was softened from the heat of the soup.

I also had the local salad greens with sunflower seeds, watermelon radish and lemon vinaigrette for $5. The radish had a nice peppery bite, the acidity from the vinaigrette went well with the buttery nutty sunflower seeds.

We also tried the crispy chick peas with smoked paprika, garlic and basil for $2. This was one of the best aspects of the meal. The crisp on the outside, tender on the inside chick peas were so good with the spicy seasoning. I was so impressed since I have never had crispy chick peas before and I really like the flavor and texture.

Per the host’s suggestion, we tried the garlic cauliflower with spinach and feta $4.50. The pan-fried, seasoned cauliflower had bits of the melted feta and spinach flavor.

This was the best part of the meal. I want to attempt making this again. My friend also loved the garlic cauliflower and wants to try to make this at home herself.

 We tried the crispy pulled pork sandwich with spicy apple slaw, gooey cheddar and pillow bread. The two guys at our table who ordered the same sandwich both loved the tender pork, lump of cheesy cheddar and the lightness of the pillow bread.

My friends had the tandoori tofu with mango spread and red cabbage slaw,  the R.K.T, wild rice, mainated tofu, local kale and almonds for $6.48 and P.C.S, roasted potatoes and cauiflower, spinach and garlic.

I really look forward to returning to AS220 again and try the remainder of the light, local and affordable menu. The only downside is there are no reservations, just seat yourself style. The night we went to the restaurant, it was a zoo. As a result, with our large group, we needed to split up. If not, would have had to wait upwards of 40 minutes to sit together.

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