Ben and Jerry’s, Newbury Street, Boston

I recently watched the 2007 documentary about Ben and Jerry on Netflix. The film really explains the origins of the ice cream company, the issues the co-founders faced, the rise of the organization and its legacy after Unilever bought it. I really enjoy Ben and Jerry’s hand packed pints, frappes, smoothies and ice cream cakes.  My first memories of the  ice cream was eating a Vermonster with my dorm floor as a community builder. In fact, I have 4 pints of ice cream in the freezer right now.

I like the whimsical and colorful drawings of parlor treats.

There is a great variety of toppings, but I had to take a photo of the rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, gummies, mini m&m and oreo pieces.

This time I decided to go for plain vanilla frozen yogurt and chocolate sprinkles. However, I really enjoy the Creme Brulee flavor, the Coffee Health Bar Crunch, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, Americone Dream and Late Night Snack (Jimmy Fallon’s chocolate covered potato chip ice cream). I look forward to trying the Red Velvet and Schweddy Balls flavors.

The ice cream cakes are fantastic as well. I bought an ice cream cake for my friend’s birthday that was filled with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate crunch cookies, topped with sweet cream and sprinkles just like this cake. I know the cake was devoured and really appreciated.

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