Finale, Back Bay, Boston

I have tried Finale’s hot fudge sundae, the dessert sampler, chocolate cake and fruit tarts before and my sweet tooth is always satisfied.

Whenever I have International friends visiting Boston, one of their requests during their stay is to go to Finale. I think both friends still have their Sweet Rewards cards. I have heard from them independently, that they would love to bring the desserterie concept back home to the Phillipines or Ecuador.

Finale offers many of their items to go or a la carte including their chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, Boston Cream Pie and other mini tarts and mousses.
Here is the display of chocolate tarts, ultimate chocolate pastries and fruit tarts.Raspberry cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Decadence and Ultimate Chocolate Cake.

The chocolate covered strawberries were well coated and a really nice size. I never can get the professional sheen that these strawberries have when I try to make them at home.The Manjari chocolate mousse layered with chocolate buttermilk cake served with a napoleon of blackberry cabernet sorbet for $11.99. The mousse was creamy, decadent and  went well with the soft cake. The dessert was really was enhanced by the flavor of the cab sorbet, which is really unique.

We had a scoop of lemon gelato, berries and a caramel candy nest. The crunch from the caramel added a nice lemon sugar flavor.The vanilla cream brulee had a nice caramelized sugar topping to crack and was served with orange butter cookies and fruit for $9.99. The cookies and fruit cut the richness of the vanilla bean speckled cream.We shared the baked to order molten chocolate cake with coffee gelato, milk chocolate covered almonds and Valrhonra chocolate sauce for $10.99. The molten cake was gooey on the inside and really had an extra layer of depth with the chocolate sauce. I really liked the smooth flavor of the coffee gelato.

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