Frozen Hoagies, Medford

It was so fortuitous to come across the Frozen Hoagies truck in the South End. Homemade ice cream sandwiches always make my heart flutter. Icy, sweet sorbet or ice cream between two cookies is such a treat.

There are so many flavors listed on the Frozen Hoagies website including the ice cream flavors of pumpkin, maple, sweet cream, strawberry cheesecake, mint explosion, cookies ‘n cream, cow tracks and you have the options of chocolate chip, gingerbread or pumpkin cookies.

We had the gingerbread and 2 large scoops lemon ice cream. The spicy ginger and bright lemon flavor were a great pair.

As I continued to eat the sandwich, the ice cream melted and would seep into the thick cookie and soften the sandwich. It was unbelievably good and I hope the Frozen Hoagies truck and I cross paths again.

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