Bosphorus, Inman Square, Cambridge

Bosphorus restaurant is located a 5 minute cab ride from Central and near Tupelo in Inman Square. I originally heard about Bosphorus when it first opened from a co-worker and he said we needed to check out the decor and food.

The menu has changed from less authentic dishes to more modern Turkish. A majority of the menu is served with the choice to be a small plate or large plate.

I really was captivated by the whispy dangling red fabric lanterns. I also liked the multi-toned, geometric fabric of the booths. At first there were a few tables and booths that were filled with patrons, but later on, the restaurant picked up more groups and tables.

The bar had unique paneling and lighting which really set the tone of the ambiance and Turkish dining experience. I could imagine cocktails being fun in this exotic environment if they had some music and more patrons.In the back of the restaurant had wooden panels overlapping with low lights.

We tried the Sultan’s sangria. The drink was a bit strong, so we asked the waiter to request for it to be sweetened. I really liked the flavor of the cocktail and would consider ordering it again.

I really liked the Ezme dip on the lightly sweetened rolls. The spicy tomato & red pepper dip spread had bits of onions and spread nicely from the olive oil.

We tried the grape leaf dolma with currant, rice, pinenuts and yogurt sauce small plate for $7. Although the flavor of the dolma was memorable, the rice itself was a bit dry and felt was not made fresh. I really put a lot of yogurt sauce on the dolma to counteract the drier rice.For $9, we tried the poached turkey beef dumplings in tomato sauce and fresh mint and garlic yogurt. These little nickel sized dumplings were so good. The filling was tasty, dough was soft and tender and the tomato sauce had a nice bitterness to contrast the cool yogurt sauce.For $11, we shared the eggplant wrapped braised lamb shank with onions and eriste noodles. The presentation was quite artful and I really liked the tender lamb wrapped in the thin eggplant layer. It was really good and I liked the fried basil on top. The jus from the lamb and eriste noodles were fine, but nothing memorable if it was a stand alone dish.The grilled salmon with roasted potatoes, frisse and balsamic caper vinaigrette $9 was well balanced, however, the salmon was a bit overdone. We like our salmon a bit pink on the inside and the salmon was cooked through. This dish was the most non-Turkish, but nonetheless, it was still tasty.  I really liked the tangy of the caper balsamic sauce.Instead of ordering the pistachio baklava, we ordered the lemon sugar and chocolate crepes with berries, fresh cardamon whipped cream and berries for $7. The whipped cream and berries were my favorite components of the dessert. Of the two crepes, the lemon sugar was the more enjoyable. The crunchy sugar counteracted by the lemony flavor was really nice.

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