Cream Cheese Bagel Mix-in

After being spoiled by New York bagels, the delicate interior, chewy exterior, I decided to create my own cream cheese mix in. Vic’s Bagel Bar in NYC uses the Cold Stone business model of a cream cheese base and patrons can add many different combinations of flavors.

I used neufchatel cheese and green onions. I can not reiterate how fresh the flavor was. 

For my gluten-free and vegetarian bagel and cream cheese alternative I used Udi’s bagels with Tofutti Vegan Cream.  I heard about the Udi’s brand from friends who have been gluten-free for quite some time. The brown rice and tapioca flour bagel has a spongy texture, but when toasted is super light and has great chew.

My local supermarket only has plain Tofutti, so adding freeze dried chives gives a bright onion flavor into the cheese.

The tofutti chive mix-inThe gluten-free and vegetarian alternative.

One thought on “Cream Cheese Bagel Mix-in

  1. Yum! Love Udi’s and I also buy the same dairy free cream cheese. This year for our Halloween dinner party I combined goat’s cheese, dairy free cream cheese, and Daiya DF cheddar cheese with several things and grilled it inside of jalapenos on the grill. SO GOOD!!

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