Penang, Chinatown, Boston

My friends have been raving about Penang for some time now and loved the steamed fish with ginger & garlic sauce in traditional style.

There are wooden huts and a more exotic, tropical atmosphere. We didn’t have one dedicated server, just ever server made sure to check in with us. At the end of our meal, I do feel like they were rushing us out the door a bit, grabbing the check when we didn’t put payment and the second we stood up, servers were ready to fully clear the table.

We had the roti canai, the crispy style Indian pancake & curry chicken dipping sauce. We had a huge chunk of potato and a bone in the sauce that I gnawed at. The pancake was the perfect crispy, chewiness and so fresh tasting. I would order this again.

The Chow Kueh Teow, stir fried flat rice noodles with fresh chicken (we passed on the shrimp and squid) bean sprouts chives, eggs, soy sauce and chili paste was really delicious. The rice noodles had a nice chew and the flavor of the sauce and chili brought just enough heat. I really liked this version of a chow fun and pad thai combined. $7.95. Definitely will get this again.

The King Pork Buff Deep fried pork chop in an authentic b.b.q. sauce $10.50. The barbeque sauce was really slathered all over the slices of pork (with some bones still in). I felt it was too saucy that I tried to wipe off some of the sauce. The leftovers the next day were still too saucy for my taste. I don’t think I will order this dish again.

I look forward to trying more seafood and fish the next time I go to Penang. I really think the roti canai, noodles and seafood is their strength.Penang on Urbanspoon

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