Winsor Dim Sum Cafe Revisited, Chinatown, Boston

Winsor Dim Sum Cafe is a great alternative to the cart pushing dim sum experience. I really like the made to order dim sum items which ensures freshness.

The restaurant is quite small relative to the large dim sum houses. China Pearl had a wedding private event that evening, so we went across the street to Winsor instead.

The decor inside is simple with wooden chairs and few adornments.

In the back of the restaurant, near the kitchen is  a large flowery embroidered tapestry.

I think it is always helpful for the lamanated photo menu, to know what you are ordering.

Similar to a sushi style menu, we just marked off any items we wanted from the dim sum menu.One of the specials on the menu was a deep-fried taro covered pork and shrimp. I love the crispy taro flakes on the outside, like a potato latke covering the tender, seasoned pork and shrimp filling.

The Ha gaau, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling was really fresh and the shrimp filling was steamed tender. I liked the flavoring of the filling as well. $2.95

One of my favorite dumplings is the Steamed Vegetables and Chives Dumpling for $2.95. It has a light onion flavor and is a nice change of pace from the usual seafood and pork heavy fillings.

The fried bean curd has a nice chewy seasoned crust and the inside has a soft tofu texture.I really like Winsor’s crispy spring roll. It has a tightly wrapped and fried egg roll wrapper, filled with well seasoned sliced carrot, cabbage and mushroom.

We ordered two servings of Fu pei guen, Vegetable in tofu sheet roll. The crispy tofu lining made a nice crispy exterior for the vegetable filling.

This one is one of my favorites, the Wu gok. The crispy fried taro dumpling  is so special, it has a nice crisp outer coating and slightly glutenous dough. The pork filling really balances the exterior well.
House mini steamed pork bun otherwise known as soupy dumplings are so delicious. The little packet of dough envelopes a warm broth and pork meatball inside. It is one of the specialities of the house which can not be passed up.

I think Winsor cafe has the best Vegetable Fried Rice in Chinatown. It is not greasy and has a great balanced soy flavoring. The rice chock full of texture from the water chestnuts, celery, carrots, spouts and egg.

Winsor also has some of the best General Gau’s Chicken in Chinatown. Instead of chunks of chicken, the chicken is in strips, really crispy and has a nice sauce coating which maintains the crispiness and enables the sauce flavor to come out. The Gau’s chicken is served with freshly steamed broccoli and I highly encourage ordering a side of steamed white rice to go with it. for $11.95.

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