163 Vietnamese Sandwich, Chinatown, Boston

After tasting multiple banh mi places, I think 163 Vietnamese Sandwich on Harrison, has my favorite barbeque beef banh mi. If there are other suggestions, I would welcome them! They serve various cold cut, chicken, vegetarian (soy protein) banh mi.163 also has bubble teas, fruit shakes (including jackfruit, mango, avocado and other fruits).

They also have inexpensive $3-$4 mini rice or noodle plate with various proteins like pork, chicken or barbeque beef. They also sell fried spring rolls. The Golden Bag filled with a sizable crunchy, savory, tangy and sweet flavored banh mi. 163 is generous with its fillings and you can add spicy chilis if you prefer.

The baguette is lightly toasted, daikon, carrot, cilantro, homemade mayonnaise and barbeque beef. The best part is the generous helping of barbeque beef, which is marinated well, juicy and tender.

163 Vietnamese Sandwich on Urbanspoon

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