Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen, Boston

A few years ago, I hosted a cocktail party at the Stork Club, which is now Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen. Darryl’s Corner Bar has had many other identities including Circles and Bob the Chef’s. Each location had iterations of live jazz, southern food or cocktails. Darryl is the founder of the Beantown Jazzfest and co-founder of The Beehive and I believe has made the best version of the past reincarnations.

There are few dinner places which has live jazz, so to enjoy Southern food and cocktails is a treat. There is a $3 cover charge per person added to the check when a diner is present during the live jazz entertainment.

The space is clean, open and next to the bar is a small area for jazz performers.

On Sunday’s, between 10am until 3pm and at the price of $21.95 each person, Darryl’s brunch includes grits, waffles, turkey bacon, links, ham, fried chicken, ribs, rice and beans, mac and cheese and collard greens. Alot of these sides are on the dinner menu.

Mac and cheese and bbq ribsThe buffet line is located in the back room.Candied yams, collard greens and grits

I had a waffle and syrup, mac and cheese, turkey bacon and fried chicken. The best part of the plate was the fried chicken. The chicken was tender and the coating was tasty. The mac and cheese was not warm and the turkey bacon was a bit floppy.

I tried the ribs, which was one of the best items on the buffet line.

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