Osushi Revisited, Back Bay, Boston

Osushi’s evening ambiance is a loungey and has a light buzz. The sushi bar was packed and most seats in the house were busy on a Thursday evening. I like the low lighting and red walls in the night time.

Gorgeous flowers at the window pane overlooking Boylston 

We tried the Jiidori Chicken Tatsuta Age for $9, sweet marinated deep fried free range chicken was served with a thai curry rémoulade. I really liked the crispiness of the chicken while maintaining its tender and juicy interior.

I absolutely love the assorted exotic mushrooms for $12 which has seasonal assorted mushrooms served tempura fried and served with a green tea macha salt.

We tried the Miso Horny tempura maki with fried yellow fish

I also tried the TNT Maki for $8, baked spicy salmon, avocado, and cucumber, served atop a homemade hot sesame oil.

Osushi on Urbanspoon

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