Chocolate Bar, Cafe Fleuri, Langham Hotel

The Chocolate Buffet at the Langham Hotel has been an annual treat for 5 years and there are a few things that are consistent, there is a dj, santa and an increase in price.  There was much debate on how to prepare for the chocolate buffet either to expand our bellies or refrain from eating to prepare for the sugar high. This year’s theme was categorization from % of cocoa content and graded by dark, semi sweet, milk to white chocolate.

I prepared by taking a stroll to the hotel via the Boston Garden.

The recently raised Christmas Tree on the Common

The Langham always provides quality service. There is a complimentary coat check for the buffet upon entrance. Additionally, the service is impeccable and fluid. Servers always check in on needs and constantly refill on beverages.

During the holiday time, the Chocolate Buffet is Saturday afternoons from 11am until 3pm, for $45 per adult. It is adorable how many husbands or boyfriends treat their girlfriends to the buffet. There are also a lot of mother daughter brunches and families getting together. There was the option to also have chocolate bar cocktails. A few of my girlfriends went for the sparkling wine and mimosas.

The DJ also took requests on the back of the round paper CD, which included the always favorite for the teenie boppers, BackStreet Boys and Britney Spears. I always tap my feet to and inaudibly sing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

The coffee was consistently refilled throughout the brunch.

Puddings, cakes, eclairs, whip cream puff pastries

Holiday balloons and various tables of chocolate goodies

Cotton candy


The always favorite chocolate fountain.

Creme brulee and layered chocolate cakes

Ice cream mix insChocolate tarts, mousses, chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate soups, hot chocolate and apple cider

Whip cream filled pastry

Meringue, banana and bacon tart

Passion fruit curd, custards,  cannoli, toffee and meringue tart

Flourless chocolate cakes, layered cakes and the Langham’s chocolate croissant bread pudding

Beignets, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit tart, chocolate mousse tart, peanut brittle, cream filled pastry

Passion fruit curd and chocolate, strawberries, pineapple, toffee bar and freshly fried potato chips with black pepper and salt

Ice cream mix in

Cafe Fleuri on Urbanspoon

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