El Pelon Taqueria, Fenway, Boston

92 Peterborough is the address of the original/new location of Fenway’s El Pelon Taqueria. I have been waiting incessantly for the reopening and there she is in all her splendor. After the Thorton’s fire, which set the rest of the restaurant block ablaze, El Pelon fans have had to seek refuge at the Brighton location. I am thrilled that El Pelon of Fenway is back in my life again.

Outdoor seating and shiny new windows

The new space is well lit, clean, more spacious than I recall it ever being. There are three small tables on the left and less than a dozen bar seats. Next to the menu board are photos of patrons in their El Pelon t-shirts from around the world. 

Little knick knack and Mexican souvenirs

El Pelon t-shirts for $12

My new stamp card (10 burritos and get one free) and a take out menu

The kitchen is definitely more spacious and El Pelon continues to play great spanish tunes.

$2.00 specials include tamale and horchata

Here’s the El Pelon feast of a bean and cheese burrito (labeled by B-Chz), an el guapo burrito and a side of plantains with fire roasted salsa.

The bean and cheese (B-Chz) goodness is heaven on earth. I love the combination of seasoned black beans, seasoned rice, melty and zesty jack cheese, lettuce, salsa and crema and a twist of lime, all for $4.50. This item brings back so many memories. I fought through my halfway mark, created a space in my stomach and heart for the second half and it was worth it.

The El Guapo is a pretty popular burrito. Nestled within the flour tortilla is tender steak, thick fried plantains, fire roasted salsa, seasoned rice, lettuce, seasoned black beans and melty jack cheese. El Guapo is hearty, meaty and has great flavors.

The thick cut, freshly fried plantains were served with lime and fire roasted salsa and were very filling. After eating a few of the starchy, satisfying plantains dipped in the lightly sweet and savory salsa, my stomach was happy.

I am so happy. Looking forward to remembering the old and making new memories with El Pelon Fenway. It is the same, but different in the best ways possible.El Pelón Taquería (Peterborough St) on Urbanspoon

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