Bananas Foster Bread and Muffins Revisited

I can not reiterate enough how much I enjoy this bread. From time to time, I give this Bananas Foster Bread and Muffins as a gift or a special treat to friends.

The reason this bread is that special is that it is moist from yogurt and eggs, full of caramelized banana flavor and has a depth of flavor from light rum and turbinado sugar. Add a little pat of butter onto a freshly toasted slice of Bananas Foster Bread and it is pure comfort.

I made mini muffins (1 tablespoon of filling for each mini muffin tin) and adjusted the cooking time to 25-30 minutes versus 30-40 minutes. Additionally, to add a  sweet crunch, I added a layer of turbinado sugar to the tops of the bread and muffins. I think when I compare the mini muffins versus mini loafs of bread, the moistness is retained in the loaves versus mini muffins. Lesson learned, going forward I will only make loaves.

Melted brown sugar and butter

Mashed ripe bananas

 Jamaican rum into the butter, sugar, banana mixture

Add eggs and yogurt to the liquid mixture.

Combined wet and dry ingredients

Add turbinado sugar onto loaf

Slices of Bananas Foster Bread slices with butter

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