Bread and Chocolate, Concord, NH

Bread and Chocolate is a charming Concord bakery attached to a bookstore and its prices are very reasonable. Besides sweets, Bread and Chocolate offers sandwiches, teas and coffees. The bakery also has the best chocolate mousse bombe or chocolate mousse I have ever had. It was rich, luscious, covered in decadent chocolate. Amazing.

The store has a rustic, aunty quality with black and white photos, gilded gold frames and older fixtures. There was cat relaxing in the front window display.

Bread and Chocolate offers a variety of fresh cookies, muffins, pastries, chocolate mousse, baklava and cakes at very reasonable prices.

The fruit tarts, chocolate cakes and other cakes are dusted in chocolate shavings, nuts, and beautiful decorations.Although we did not sample the breads and croissants, the pastries and sandwiches made in  house all looked quite tasty.We had to try a slice of fruit tart with strawberry, berries, glaze, custard and shortbread crust. The fruit tart had a lovely flavor.

The eclair with light whip cream filing and a chocolate covering was very generous in size and one of our favorite eclairs ever eaten. 

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One thought on “Bread and Chocolate, Concord, NH

  1. My husband and I are thinking about exploring Conord for our anniversary next week and now I’m excited about visiting Bread & Chocolate while we’re there. Thanks for sharing how good it is!

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