Scallops: A New England Coastal Cookbook by Elaine Tammi and Karin A. Tammi and Trident, Back Bay, Boston

We recently attended a cooking demonstration of the Scallops cookbook at Trident. I have been to Trident several times to browse the books and magazines and have a tea or coffee. However, I had no idea there were cooking series and demonstrations. Tartine Gourmand was at Trident and I wish I had attended because I love her blog and photographs.

Elaine and Karin Tammi lit the room up with their deep knowledge of the scallop industry, cooking techniques and vibrant stories of their mentorship with Julia Child.

They explained that the book took 15 years in the making and Elaine and Karin wrote to Julia Child and sent to her their manuscript. Julia loved their manuscript so much that she sent it to her own publisher, Judith Jones. She also suggested that they become scallop authorities. Karin, a marine biologist took Julia’s advice and became nicknamed the Scallop Queen by her students at Roger Williams.

The 200 photo cookbook was launched in 2011 and has has tremendous interest in New Zealand, Australia and Tazmania. Elaine and Karin were featured on National Public Radio and have been on a 42 appearances throughout New England. They mentioned that the next project they may work on is a children’s book.

Some key local chefs who provide their favorite scallop recipes include, Marc Orfaly, Chef/Owner, Pigalle, Chris Schlesinger, Chef/Owner, East Coast Grill & Raw Bar, Ana Sortun, Chef/Owner, Oleana and Sofra and Seth Woods, Chef/Owner, Aquitaine Boston.

I look forward to eventually trying the two recipes featured on their website include Fried Dayboat Sea Scallops and Scallop and Corn Chowder.

There were a few local beer and wines suggested including wines from Sakonnet Vineyeards in Little Compton, Rhode Island and white wine champagne from Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery. For tempura scallops, Karin uses Wachusett Brewery IPA.

The scallop with panko breadcrumb on a swell had a nice flavor and the crumb provided a nice texture to the tender, buttery scallop.

During the demonstration, Elaine and Karen provided tips to sear a proper scallop. After heating a bit of oil, butter, or a combination of the two, do not move the scallop, to ensure it develops a nice brown, buttery crust. During the cooking process, there was a proper dialogue over the cacaphony and sizzle of the pan about the various flavor of different types of scallops, pricing per pound and the anatomy of a scallop.

They said that most people are used to eating scallops overcooked, but the if one uses the sear technique, just book 1-2 min so the scallop is not rubbery. Karen said use grape seed or olive oil, but not evoo and then finish with butter.

Karin said that in their interviews, they learned that Ming Tsai says bay scallops taste like candy and Jasper White prefers to cook scallops for 45 seconds on one side only.

Some white and slightly pink scallops

The small bay scallops had a sweetness.

The larger scallop was more savory, thicker, but equally smooth and tender.

Elaine and Karin passed out dark chocolate scallop shells wrapped with a dainty satin ribbon. It was a sweet gesture and as a lovely ending to their demonstration.

Trident, the independent bookseller environment is communal and what is even better is the fact that Trident serves breakfast at any hour, salads, sandwiches, comfort food and hot and cold beverages.

I have a single shot skim cappuchino. The foam was lush and the coffee was warming.

In addition, we shared a Buttermilk Chamato sandwich which was a buttermilk fried chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar on toasted rosemary focaccia with garlic & chive aiolo for $11.95. The bread was nice and buttery, the aioli offered a nice layer of creaminess and flavor with the bits of fried chicken breast.

Really looking forward to future demos and cookbook events at Trident, as well as enjoying all the various items on the cafe menu.Trident Booksellers & Cafe on Urbanspoon

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