Thai Basil, Newbury Street, Back Bay, Boston

Wearing sweats, L.L.Bean fleece slippers and my back up pair of Warby Parker glasses is my version of the epitome of lazy. On one of those lazy evenings, it is when I order in.

I ordered Thai Basil via Foodler before and after a day of holiday shopping, I wanted to try Thai Basil restaurant again in person to see if the delivery and restaurant food quality was comparable, which they are.

Two make a proper comparison, I was set on ordering my exact delivery order, so I had the Wonton Soup for $3.50. The delicate wrapped with mince chicken, shrimp and slivers of snap peas and bits of scallion in clear broth was just as warming and satisfying as my delivery experience.

My shopping partner in crime and I also enjoyed some of the spicy Chicken Tom Yum Soup for $3.50. The tender chicken served in hot and sour broth seasoned with exotic Thai herbs, slices of mushrooms, lemongrass and lime leaves.

We also tried the sweetened Pad Thai for $8.95. The rice noodles pan fried with scrambled egg, slices of chicken, bean sprouts, scallions and topped with crushed peanuts.

As I had in my Foodler experience, I also enjoyed the Fried Rice Tropical for $9.95. The fried rice with chicken with sweet chunks pineapple, onion, snappy snow peas and spiced madras curry powder, and topped with cashew nuts.

Both with delivery and in-house, the Thai Basil soups, noodles and rice dishes we have tried are consistent. The portions and temperature are equally generous and made fresh.Thai Basil on Urbanspoon

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