Xoco Revisited, Chicago

The next morning, after I got into Chicago, I went to Xoco. I wanted to have the heavenly churros, but this time around, I also wanted a famous Rick Bayless torta. I arrived at the liminal period after the breakfast and before lunch hours. Unfortunately, a torta was out of the question.

Mental note for future visits, tortas and caldos start at 11AM.

What I noticed on my second visit to Xoco is at the front of the restaurant, they list the various local farms including City Farm, Gunthorp Farms, Little Farm on the Prairie, Pleasant Meadows, Prarie Fruits Farms & Creamery and Bayless Family Gardens.

The front counter with Agua fresco signage, the menu board and register.

The larger menu board listing the caldes, tortas, salds and sides. I really wanted to try the Cochinita Pibil Torta. Another time, another trip to Chicago.

The menu board above the register listed coffees variations and chocolate varieties.

Another interesting design tidbit is that XOCO has been awarded LEED Gold certification for it’s environmentally conscious build-out.

Main dining area with simple pendant lighting, silver metal chairs and photographs.

I first tried the warm, savory breakfast empanada with a side of salsa and topped with cheese for $3.25. 

The queso, flakey empanada dough, meat, onion and mushroom filling kept me wanting more. I would even venture to say that this was the best empanada I have ever eaten. The dough was perfectly light and the filling was savory, earthy and memorable.

I also had the churros, $1.50 Each or $3.75 for three. They were as I remembered. They were airy, dusted in sugar and in their perfect twists.

What better way to enjoy the churros with a dip of hot almendrado chocolate shot and almond milk $3.25. 

Xoco did not disappoint and I foresee any future visit to Chicago will require me to return again and again. I can confidently say this was one of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten in my life. Thank you Rick.XOCO on Urbanspoon

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