Sunda, Chicago

Located right in River North, is Sunda, a New Asian restaurant and sushi bar, serving edamame, chinese dumplings and updated, fusion buns, noodles, sushi and sashimi.

My friend and I discussed my observation about the Chicago restaurants,  the fact there are the most  spacious dining rooms. The sheer square footage of Chicago bars and restaurants seems very unique and not to be taken for granted.

Given how spacious the restaurant was, I assumed the alcohol selection was vast as well. My inquiry about Sunda’s sake selection was it has one sparkling sake and several warm sakes. What is Sunda’s strength is good wine and creative cocktail list.

Pickled vegetable (carrot, daikon, cucumber) amuse

My friend started with the blushing geisha for $13, tres generations blanco, pama, domain de canton, guava juice and topped with calamansi soda.

I had the peared sake for $13, grey goose la poire, zipang sparkling sake, pineapple juice, ginger syrup and cinnamon rim.We shared the rock shrimp tempura for $15 glazed walnuts and creamy honey aioli. The tempura crusted rock shrimp was coated with a sweet immulsification and the creamy walnuts offered a nice nutty crunch.

We tried a spicy “tail of two tunas” for  $16 yellowfin tuna, pickled jalapeño, spicy mayo, super white tuna, fried shallots. The rice was a bit thick, but otherwise, the fresh yellowfin and tuna had a nice crunch from the shallots and heat from the mayo and jalapeno.The food buddha’s was a square shaped crispy rice pan fried sushi rice glazed with soy sauce and topped seared american kobe beef tartare $15. The tender beef tartar was seared perfectly and I liked the pan fried rice.

The server wear black and was very thorough explaining the menu and suggested various favorites. She did mix up our order and gave us kobe beef lollipops versus our kobe sushi. The only aspect I found enerving was how salesy she was on pushing more entrees after our shared appetizers.

We did partake in a fried ice cream and walnuts. The crust was overly thick, but the caramel sauce was fantastic.

Sunda on Urbanspoon

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