Athena, Greektown, Chicago

We walked over to Greektown from the Financial District and as we passed the bridge, I noticed the water tower and blue lettering. 
We decided Athena because it has a terrace. Unfortunately, the terrace wasn’t open for us to dine at when we arrived.
As we would expect, the restaurant was spacious. It had white columns and a large bar. I was really tempted by the  tzatziki (yogurt, garlic cucumber spread) and gyros.

We noticed several tables ordered Saganaki for $6.99, goat cheese lightly breaded in flour and flamed in brandy.

We started our meal with eggplant and garlic Melitzanosalata for $6.99. The homemade, fresh bread and spread was so tasty.

The Pipperies Florines for $7.99, was the best aspect of our meal. The lightly olive oiled roasted red peppers were stuffed with smooth feta cheese and herbs. I would order them again.

I had the Loukaniko for $11.99, homemade Greek sausage served with rice and potatoes. The sausage had a nice seasoning and a snap.

The carbohydrates, potatoes and rice, had nice flavors and balanced the saltiness of the Greek sausage.

My friend ordered the Combination Plate for $15.99, which she was disappointed with. The plate had mousakas, pastitsio, dolmades, leg of lamb, rice, potato and vegetables.

The Dolmades, rice and ground beef wrapped in grape vine leaves and topped with egg-lemon sauce, served with peas, were a bit dry on the inside.

The Mousakas, eggplant, zucchini, potato, ground beef and cheese, topped with bechamel sauce was heavy, but delicious.

The Pastitsio was the best part of the combination dish. The baked macaroni was al dente mixed with seasoned ground beef and cheese, topped with a creamy bechamel sauce.

At the end of our meal, we made sure we had a Greek coffee. It was very strong, served with a little sugar, and the coffee grinds were at the very bottom of the cup.

The baklava was also amazing for $5.00. Thin layers of pyllo, honey and walnuts. It was a perfect way to end the meal.

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