Boka Restaurant and Bar, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Boka Restaurant is known to be a sophisticated dining experience. The chef uses unique ingredients and combines new flavors.

One of our dining companions, from Barcelona, dined here with her family and she said it was amazing. In 2011, Boka’s chef, Chef Tentori won the 2008 Best New Chef by Food and Wine and the restaurant received a Michelin Star.

The sleek wooden bar areaThe dining room was buzzing and every table was filled.Our wine and a simple, but elegant rose center piece.

We tried the yellow fin tuna sashimi, korokke, whipped avocado, mango, sweet plantain and champagne grapes for $14. The creamy and light avocado went well with the thinly sliced tuna. The mango and plantain elements made the tuna tropical and fresh.

We also tried the sweetbreads, kobocha squash, roasted figs, broccoflower, celery root, wild mushrooms and tripe for $15. The dish had a sweetness from the figs and the sweetbreads were prepared well.

Muscovy duck breast, smoked leg spring roll, mole lentils, brussel spout leaves and duck tongue for $34. The duck breast was juicy and tender and the duck tongue which was a perfect chewiness.

I had the beef tenderloin, yorkshire pudding, boudin noir, salsify, savoy cabbage and cipollini onions for $35. The tenderloin was medium rare, as requested and I really enjoyed the rustic flavor of the vegetables. What was most unique about the dish was the baked yorkshire pudding (my first one).

California sturgeon, king crab, crispy pig tails, baby turnips, somen cakes, parsley water and black garlic foam for $33.

At the meal’s finale, we received complimentary chocolate truffles and sugar crusted jellies.

Our Boka meal was well orchestrated and our server was very knowlegable. Everything was well prepared, thoughtful and we really enjoyed the various surprises in the meal.

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