Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe, North End, Boston

Thus far I have tried making the following cupcakes, Cocoa Angel FoodMarbled Frosted ChocolateCherry Cordial and Red Velvet Dino and Cream Cheese Frosting.

In addition, I have sampled cupcakes from Kickass and Sweet in Boston, Magnolia, Crumbs Bake ShopJunior’s Cheesecake in NYC and Kingdom in San Fran. I guess I can openly admit I am an enthusiast.

The Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe was located on Hanover Street and is now on Salem Street. The store front is fun, cutesy and is a paradise for those who have a sweet tooth.

A few years ago, I heard about Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe when I met a friend for dinner in the North End.  She is an avid baker and has been complimented for her homemade hamburger shaped cupcakes, oreo and hostess cupcakes. I trust her judgement on quality cupcakes.

An example of her exemplary cupcake work.

I tried two flavors of Lulu’s cupcakes, priced at $2.50 each. The cookie dough had a chocolate button on top of the faint cookie dough flavored frosting. The frosting did not have chocolate chips in it and I would suggest mini chips throughout the cake and frosting.

The cookie flavored cake was a nice texture and had a few chocolate chips at the bottom of the cake.

The second cupcake was the salted caramel cupcake and this cupcake was a super moist, deep chocolate with some salted caramel trickling into the top center of the cupcake. The chocolate frosting had a nice sheen and was gooey. I loved the caramel swirl and I loved the sweet and salty combination. I would grab a whole box of these. I shared another salted caramel with a holiday travel companion and she seemed to absolutely love the cupcake as well.

Lulu's Sweet Shoppe on Urbanspoon

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