Hing Shing Pastry, Chinatown, Boston

Our parents are huge fans of Chinese pastries and for Cha Siu Bau (steamed bbq pork buns), beef curry buns, egg tarts, sesame donuts and almond cookies they prefer Hing Shing Pastry (next to the Chinatown gate entrance). They ardently believe that Hing Shing is the best bakery, compared to any of the other ones on the main Beach Street strip.

Hing Shing’s white boxes ready to be filled with Chinese treats

The Chinese woman at the counter (presumably the owner) in her deep voice would lightly bark, “Who’s next?” She would get the order and explain the fillings in certain pastries. Pictured below are the lotus seed and red bean pies, almond and walnut cookies and moon cakes.

Nut cookies and moon pies

A young Hing Shing Pastry patron, in front of the almond cookies, being groomed early for decades of pastry eating.Hing Shing Pastry on Urbanspoon

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