Galleria Umberto, North End, Boston

I do not know how many times I have eaten on Hanover Street in the North End and never set foot into Galleria Umberto. I lived in the North End for some time and I am saddened that I never knew about the popular and inexpensive lunch time spot, next to the Sovereign Bank. Better late than never.

The menu is simple. They serve beers, calzones, slices of deep dish Sicilian pizza for $1.55, panini for $2.25, pizette for $1.75, panzarotti for $1.45 and aranchini for $3.00.

During the prime time lunch window, the line was nearly out the door and it took us around 20 minutes to order. Once we got the front, the counter staff greeted us and gave us a few minutes to compose our order and pay (cash only). Unfortunately, we only had one choice of flavors for pizza. Cheese. I appreciate the no frills atmosphere and what you see is what you get. However, I wish there were some slices of pepperoni pizza. I have a weakness for pepperoni.

On the left side of the restaurant is a painted mural of Italy and illustrations of the various seafood and sights. 

 I will be back to sample the arancini (risotto ball filled with meat), calzones, pizette and panzarotti.

Four squares of Sicilian cheese pizza

There was a perfect ratio of lightly sweet sauce and soft and chewy cheese interior and crispy cheese exterior. The square shaped crust was so tasty and had a perfect crunch at the edge. One slice was not enough.Galleria Umberto on Urbanspoon

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