Douzo, Back Bay, Boston

Sushi is a staple of our regime, directly influenced by The Story of Sushi An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice by Trevor Corson (author of The Secret Life of Lobsters).

Douzo, is the sister restaurant to Basho and Fugakyu and is always consistent in quality and service. The attractive hostesses and suit wearing managers are always welcoming and the servers are always very accommodating and attentive. The ambiance is sleek and we really enjoy the tiers of lighting throughout the restaurant.

We always order a warming green tea ($1.50) and a house garden salad with the ginger dressing for $6.00. The mesclun salad has little bits of fried onion, cucumber, fresh cherry tomatoes and we love their rendition of a the ginger dressing.

Our friend enjoyed a seaweed salad with a sprinkling of sesame and lemon.

Oftentimes, there are mini-celebrity sightings at Douzo. One of my absolute business heroes, Eliot Tatelman of Jordan’s Furniture (now part of Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway) with his signature ponytail sat at the sushi bar.

Our friend enjoyed a sashimi dinner for $28. The rice noodles were covered with slices of fresh clam, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, herring and sweet egg. Her favorites were the salmon and the clams more rubbery texture was her least favorite. IWe enjoyed the soft, sweet egg and oceany, fish flavor of the herring.

The decorative cucumber flower was nestled next to the brown rice spicy yellowtail maki $6.75, brown rice sweet potato tempura maki $6.00 and brown rice shitake mushroom maki.

The brown rice spicy yellowtail maki has the best flavor with tempura flake incorporated throughout the yellowtail center and the rice has thinly sliced green onions.

The brown rice shitake tempura maki has a woodsy flavor and is very satisfying.

Usually we just grab a few of the melty white mints covered in a thin layer of chocolate in the front entrance. However, on one visit, we enjoyed the green tea ice cream with whip cream and chocolate sauce.

Over the years, we have tasted variety of specialty maki from the menu and my favorites include: Spider Roll (soft shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber, tobiko & spicy mayo), Torch Roll (avocado & cucumber wrapped with seared yellowtail, black tobiko, yuzu sauce), Back Bay Roll (asparagus, cucumber, avocado wrapped with seared tuna, wasabi, tobiko and wasabi sauce), Red Spider Roll (soft shell crab wrapped with tuna, tobiko and unagi sauce) and Dragon Roll (sweet potato tempura wrapped with eel and unagi sauce).

We have debated if white rice or the brown rice option (additional charge) is better, and we think both are fine, however the white rice really allows ones to focus on the roll’s flavor versus adding the additional brown rice flavor and texture.

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