Supermarkets: 88 Supermarket, Allston

88 Supermarket in Allston is one of the destinations for Asian produce and products. We have been going to 88 since we were wee tots and would troll the candy and snack section for shrimp crackers, almond cookies, jellies, crackers, biscuits and wasabi peas.

We have been diverting our Asian grocery shopping more towards H Mart in Burlington, but sometimes its nice to wander 88 and get a more”authentic” shopping experience (less shiny fixtures, stacks of boxes and less English spoken).     

A great variety of Pocky (strawberry, mint, coconut, chocolate)

Cigarillos, biscuit, candies and Hi-Chew

Nuts,  dried plums and jellies

Almond Cookies

Silken tofu (for Almond Chocolate Tofu Mousse)

Shiritaki, rice noodles and yam flour noodles (for Shiritaki Fettucine Alfredo)

Exotic flavored popsicle such as durian, mango, green tea, coconut

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