Myers + Chang, South End, Boston

Myers + Chang restaurant is a co-venture with Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery and her husband, Chris Myers of Radius and Via Matta. Myers + Chang offers Pan-Asian fare, dim sum (bao and dumplings), stir-fried vegetables and creative desserts. The thoughtful menu is sensitive to those who have allergies and designates which items are shell-fish, gluten and nut free and which items are vegetarian.

The restaurant had an audible buzz and the patrons were well dressed and fashionable. We really enjoyed the Asian touches such as the lucky gold cats sculptures, Chinese newspapers lining the tables and the white and red plastic bowls (typically found in Asian supermarkets).

We tried the lychee soda with a marachino cherry and iced Vietnamese coffee. Our favorite of all the dishes we tried were the wok-charred brussels with caramelized onions. By far, these were some of the best brussel sprouts we have ever had, a bit of spicy, tangy, sweet and salty.

The Tiger’s Tears for $11 (bang bang & olufsen beef) grilled steak, thai basil, lime, khao koor was a bit salty. We also had to order Mama Chang’s pork and chive dumplings for $11, which had a nice chive scented filling.  The Taiwanese-style cool dan dan noodles with fresh peanut and chili sambal for $8 were really tasty and we loved the nutty flavor.

The tea-smoked pork spare ribs were positively delectable for $14. We have been to tea class with one of the few tea sommeliers in the world and she mentioned few chefs and home cooks are familiar with cooking with tea. These ribs had a light hint of tea and they were sublime. We may have to start cooking with tea this year.

We have been on the search for chicken and waffles and would love to go back and try Myers + Chang’s rendition of their chicken and ginger-sesame waffle for $17. Additionally, the hot & sweet sauce chocolate and cocoa nib terrine, Vietnamese coffee sauce for $7 will be tested in the near future.

Myers + Chang on Urbanspoon

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