El Idolo Food Truck, Chelsea, New York City

After surveying our late night options, we settled on some cheap eats from Tacos El Idolo truck. We knew it was a winner when a line of restaurant staff, namely of Mexican descent ordered Tortas and off menu items such as milanesa.

Idolo serves horchata, tamarindo and arroz con leche and our meat choices include beef, chorizo sausage, pollo, carnitas. The more “unique” meats include beef tongue, tripe, ear and goat.

Tostada for with chorizo, lettuce, salty cheese, tomato. The warm chorizo had a nice salty flavor and the corn tortilla was freshly grilled ($2.50).

The gordita was lightly fried and was filled with tender carnitas and the usual fixings of shredded iceberg lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.

The one disappointment was the chicken flautas for $3.50. They were premade, the chicken was super dry inside and looked like they just microwaved them. Covering the flautas with avocado, fresh toppings and lots of crema and cheese did not hide the poor quality of the flauta.

What was the most entertaining aspect of the experience were the characters in line. There were many students with their late night antics. There was one guy up pulled out a beer mug from his pockets and dumped out his excess beer. He then scrapped together $3 to order a chicken taco and as he repeated several times, no radishes, no radishes, no radishes.

Taquería La Casa del Idolo on Urbanspoon

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