Staff Meal Food Truck, Boston Revisited

We were really looking forward to a gourmet pick me up on a dreary, rainy evening and Staff Meal just killed it, in an amazing way.

On our first visit to Staff Meal, we were blown away by the hot dog arepas. The crispy cornmeal cake was topped by sweet caramelized onions and salty hot dogs. I am salivating as we speak.

The unadorned white truck was at the Boston Public Library that evening. While most food trucks have colorful design, however I appreciate the truck’s diamond in the rough quality.

We perused the menu in advance and contemplated the flavors of each item, including envisioning the flavor profile of the Consommě Olga Soup dumplings with Beef Heart and Bourdelaise and the Smoked Salmon Cannoli with Sauce Mousseline. After some planning, we educated ourselves on choûx braisé and chartruese jelly.

We got two orders of the Roast Duck Tacos with Choûx Braisé and Apple Sauce for $6 each and the Parmentier Potato Soup with Pig’s Tails for $5.

The Parmentier Potato Soup with Pig’s Tails was my favorite item. It was rich, creamy and had tremendous piggy flavor. The chewiness of the tails and bits of pork meat had a great texture.

The store-bought corn tortillas were covered with tender rendered duck meat and bits of skin. The apple sauce sweetened red cabbage slaw really enhanced the savory duck.

I am a huge fan of liqueur infused baked goods, so for dessert we had to get boozy Sweet Bread Pudding for $4. We had the option of cherries jubilee or pears in chartreuese jelly. Since I have been on a pear kick, I couldn’t help but try the pear topping.

The bread pudding was fluffy and dense and the soft lightly sweet pears in chartruese jelly really grew on us with every bite. The herbal, licorice flavored jelly confused me at first, but after another taste, I was thoroughly enjoying our dessert.

There are few moderate priced, high-end renditions of street food in Boston. Staff Meal really challenges patrons to expand their palates. Looking forward to learning and trying more. Thanks guys.

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