Pulino’s Bar and Pizzeria, Nolita, New York

Pulino’s is awesome for brunch and was voted best pizza by the Village Voice. It’s sister restaurants with Pastis (French Bistro fare), Pravda (underground vodka and caviar bar) and Balthazar (which has some of the best fries and mussels I have eaten).

The walls were lined with liquor bottles and twinkle lights. The restaurant atmosphere was vibrant and full of chatter. Our French waiter was very attentive and suggested a great red wine.

The arugula & celery root salad with parmesan & lemon had a nice zing from the lemon ($11).

The Seared Scallops with brown butter, pomegranates, squash & brussel sprouts ($27) were great because the scallops were perfectly seared and buttery (not pictured).

The Garganelli Ai Funghi Trifolati, housemade pasta quills with seasonal mushrooms ($18.00) was cooked perfectly and al dente. The flavor of the mushrooms with the parmesean cheese was earthy and fragrant.

The special of the evening was the Cavateppi Pasta with a hearty lamb ragout and red sauce.

The Burrata pizza with tomato, garlic, oregano, black olives & mozzarella burrata was super thin crust and had a fresh flavor ($20).

Pulino’s food was universally delicious and everyone loved their entrees.  One facet of our dining experience, which was quite bothersome, was our check was mixed up with another table.  Although we proactively caught it in time, the error may have resulted in a substantial increase in our actual bill.

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