Lady M Cake Boutique, Upper East Side, New York

I love impromptu visits to bakeries or desserteries for cupcakes and decadent slices of cake. Before a viewing of Calder’s Circus and Real/Surreal at the Whitney, we popped into the Lady M Cake Boutique, the all-white dreamlike dessert and cake store.

Lady M was full when we arrived, so we put our name on the list and looked at our decadent options. They do have sandwiches and light fare, however we could not divert our line of vision from the sweets.

Crystal lighting

Croissants in the silver basket, next to very feminine decor.

Checkers chocolate and vanilla sponge cake woven into a checker board with a thin layer of fresh cream and iced with a delicate dark chocolate ganache.

Chocolate eclairs

Very Berry fruit tarts 

Gâteau Au Chocolat, a pure chocolate sponge dotted with roasted walnuts, covered with a rich chocolate ganache, topped with a fresh reflective ganache and a splash of gold dust, looked absolutely luxurious.

Strawberry Mille Feuille, paper thin puff pastry layered with sponge, cream custard and strawberries

Our cappuchino came with sugar in the raw rock candy. I plan on making my own turbinado sugar rock candy at home.

We tried the Flan Aux Pommes, a shortbread crust with a hint of almond paste layered with a velvety vanilla bean flan and sautéed seasonal apples.

Flan aux pommes is only available October – March and is the marriage of two desserts in one. The silky sweet flan with apple pie had multi-tiers of flavors of almond, vanilla and sweet apples.

The long eclair had a nice layer of chocolate, a light cream filling in the pate choux.

Lady M Mille Crêpes cake has 20 paper-thin, hand-made crêpes layered with light and creamy custard was so unique and unbelievable. Each bite our of mille crepes slice had the thin, spongy crepes encased in cream.

A small (6″) Mille Crêpes cake costs $40.00  and the large (9″) is $75.00. Lady M When we were enjoying our crepe cake, there was a delivery van full of dozens of boxed cakes pre-ordered for pickup.

Mille Crêpes offers seasonal crêpe cakes throughout the year including chocolate, chestnut, coconut, coffee and green tea. I look forward to trying each of the flavors in the future.

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