Laduree, Upper East Side, New York City

I Love Macarons, yet I have not mastered making them myself. I love macarons so much that I have been coveting this Carolyn Tille bracelet.

Although I have tried macarons at Sucre in New OrleansSarah’s Pastries and Candies in ChicagoCafe de La Creme, Split, and Saduharu Aoki in Paris, I have never been to Laduree or Pierre Hermes. Blasphemy.

In August 2011, Laduree arrived in the Upper East Side and it will be in Soho this April.

A couple from Latin America mentioned how much they love the creativity and combinations of Pierre Hermes. Some of Hermes’ flavors include Milk Chocolate and Passionfruit, Hazelnut praline, Olive Oil with Mandarin Orange and Chocolate & Yuzu. During our conversation, they suggested to preorder at Pierre Hermes via telephone and pickup versus wait in line.

Fifteen minutes wait and a line 25 people deep was what was between a beloved macaron and myself. Fortunately, the manager passed out samples of the macarons on a silver tray to the waiting patrons. Dainty halves of lemon, vanilla, orange blossom and coconut went flew from the tray to my taste buds and my favorite was the pure citrus flavor of the lemon one.

Macaron trees with gold leafed macarons 

Then Laduree men were in blazers and the women wore all black, cupcake aprons and their pink bow ties.

Laduree sells stickers, but also candles with aromas such as Orange Carrot,Tomato Basil and Ginger Pumpkin.

Teas, jams and fillings such as salted caramel spread

Chocolate covered Macarons, Souris Cheries and other chocolate bonbons

Pear and chestnut macaron, black forest macaron (chocolate ganache with cherry jam and bursts of cherry-flavored Kirsch), seasonal flavors such as praline and raisin cinnamon. Unfortunately, pistachio was sold out.

Light green, gold embossed Pampille of 8 macarons for $25

Caramel with salted butter, Raspberry, Chocolate, Blackcurrant Violet, Coffee and Praline macarons

My favorites of the box were the dark chocolate and caramel with salted butter.

Ladurée on Urbanspoon

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