Beecher’s New York Cafe, Gramercy, New York

Beecher’s Cheese has some of the best mac and cheese, Flagship cheddar cheese and cheese curds. The dark wood cabinets filled with cheese is absolutely tantalizing.

This cheese tasting kit would be a perfect gift for a host/hostess.

Beecher carries popular cheeses in addition to its own crafted cheese.

We sampled and purchased some LaClare Farms Evalon from Chilton, Wisconsin for $27.50/lb. Evalon was described as full of nutty, sweet flavor and we had to have some. It was likened to a Gouda. I tasted the Evalon several times and I think it has a bit of a tang which is quite pleasant to the taste buds.

Some of the best caramel combinations ever tasted were the Caramel Beer and Pretzel and Caramel Fig and Ricotta for $1.50 each. They were buttery, flavorful and unique.

Beecher's New York Cafe on Urbanspoon

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