Dorado Tacos and Cemitas, Brookline

Dorado Tacos and Cemitas, located in Brookline,  is known for serving fish tacos and cemitas. It recently opened up in New York City and I’m sure it will doe exceptionally well.

Dorado serves beer, aguas frescas and the typical Mexican fare of quesadillas, tacos and cemitas. They do serve veggie tacos, salads and a good variety of salsas including tomatillo and avocado salsa.

Hot sauce and aguas frescas

The neon beer light was a great design touch and I loved the poster diagramming the components of the cemita. The cemita is a Mexican sandwich served on a toasted sesame seed egg roll with black beans, chipotles en adobo, avocado, Oaxaca cheese & cilantro for $6.25.

We ordered the Two Taco Plate for $6.25 which included black beans, Mexican rice & charred jalapeño. The Ensenada, beer battered Atlantic whitefish, cabbage, salsa fresca, pickled onions, Baja crema for $2.59 was fantastic and the salsa cut the oil of the fried fish.

The Dorado, beer battered Atlantic whitefish, cabbage, salsa fresca, radishes, spicy chipotle crema for $2.59 had a great flavor from the coolness of the crema and spiciness of the radish. Both of the tacos were really good. The beans had nice flavor, but the Mexican rice was nothing special.

Next time, I’m trying the huevos rancheros, housemade chorizo taco and veggie tacos grilled zucchini & red peppers and spicy portabella mushroom.

Dorado Tacos & Cemitas on Urbanspoon

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