Maxim Coffee House, Chinatown, Boston

Maxim Coffee House is one of the few bakeries open late hours when Hing Shing Bakery, Bao Bao Bakery or Eldo Cake House are closed.  Maxim has the blue awning and great baos, buns, egg tarts and birthday cakes. I really enjoy the sponge cakes and pineapple crunch rolls filled with custard as well. For $.75 to $1.00 each, a great bargain.

The birthday cakes have the light whip cream topping and filling, peaches, kiwi sections and strawberries.  Additionally, Maxim has the sponge cakes, in the jelly roll form if you do not want as much whip cream or want a taste of cake without the cost for $1.25.

The boss lady is super sweet and efficient. Upon closing time, she’ll often throw in a few extra of this and that for free.

I craved a slice of birthday cake for $2.00 and Maxim has a great version. The strawberry and peach fruit in the center, with the cloud-like, lightly sweetened sponge cake and airy whip cream frosting.

Maxim Bakery on Urbanspoon

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