Khayyam Restaurant, Brookline

I think the Persian language sounds absolutely beautiful and I have been wanting to try Persian food for years. There are several Persian restaurants in Watertown such as Jasmine (under the same ownership of Khayyam), Molana and Shiraz and Beacon Hill’s Lala Rokh, all I have not been to yet.

Initially, I was going to go to Khayyam restaurant for dinner, however my friend who is half Iranian, persuaded me to try their less expensive lunch menu. We ordered from the Monday through Friday Lunch menu on a Saturday. Because it was not a week day, the restaurant added an additional dollar to each item .

There were several customers who ordered take out during our visit and it seems like a great option if one lives in the immediate area.

Persian black tea scented with cardamom

Chicken Barg, thick strips of lightly orange hued, juicy marinated boneless chicken breast skewered and grilled on an open fire. Both of our plates were served with white basmati rice, salad and velvety hummus for $7.99.

Chicken Shawarma, tender chicken marinated with garlic and shawarma spices was so good. The shirazi salad, cool cucumber, red onion and tomatoes with a house dressing olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt, & black pepper was refreshing.

Unfortunately, the POS system was down so the time to receive the check was a bit delayed.

My friend described that several Persian dishes utilizes rose-water and oftentimes sumaq spice is sprinkled on rice. Next time, I will have to get the Dolmeh Moe, tender grape leaves stuffed with mixed herbs & rice, baklava and Dough, salty yogurt drink with mint flavor.

Khayyam on Urbanspoon

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