L.A. Burdick, Back Bay, Boston

L.A. Burdick is an institution for all things chocolate. From little mice and penguin chocolates, hot chocolate and even macarons L.A. Burdicks has it. We have been waiting with baited breath for the opening of its new location on Clarendon in the Back Bay. I really enjoy giving Burdick’s little mice as stocking stuffers or gifts.

The construction has been finalized and the manager, with a dashing French accent, stated they are just waiting for their coffee license to serve. In the mean time, customers can purchase their chocolates and hot chocolate products.  The Back Bay location does not have ovens, so select pastries will not be able to be purchased at this particular location, but can be purchased at the Harvard Square location.

For those that love the show Porlandia, cacao will never be the same.

Cakes, cacao pods and Burdick’s signature milk and white chocolate mice

Hot chocolate from Grenada and other parts of Latin America and the Islands.

We could not wait for the cafe to open, so impulse purchased the Venezuela homemade chocolate kit to satiate a chocolate craving. Each hot chocolate kit ($23) comes with a dainty mini whisk.

The deep chocolate flavor was soothing and satisfying. A small bit really goes along way. Looking forward to when we can sit at the proper cafe, have a macaron and enjoy a small tasting of hot chocolate.

Earl grey and raspberry bonbons

The bonbons were luscious, rich and exactly what we were looking for.

LA Burdick on Urbanspoon

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