Cocktails: Red Lantern, Back Bay, Boston

We stopped by the Red Lantern for a cocktail and check out the bar scene (BMH’s dining review at Red Lantern). The line was pretty long and entrance was one in one out around 11pm on a Saturday. The crowd is a mid-thirties+ in the dining room and at the bar, a mix of professionals chatting amongst each other, with minimal cross pollination.

The golden hued bar, red hanging lanterns and the golden statue is quite regal. Red Lantern has good sake selection relative to other restaurants in Boston. Every bar seat was taken and the black corseted bar staff were circling the perimeter.

The dining room’s lighting was low and each table was full. There was a private function at the front of the restaurant bar as well. The last time I dined at Red Lantern, I enjoyed the spicy rolls. At the TV Diner Platinum Plate Gala, Red Lantern served spicy tuna bites with microgreens.

My friend tried the Shanghai Street Sangria $11, which I tried on my first dining experience. The plum sake, Lillet rouge, Bacardi Dragonberry, Ciroc Red Berry and Hennessy Black is a delicious and deadly mix. The festive bamboo class contains a Mai Tai for $11, with Bacardi 8, Orgeat, Orange Curacao, Pineapple and Myers Dark. Both friends seemed to really enjoy their cocktails.

I tried the Grass-fed mule for $11, lemongrass infused grey goose citron, lime and ginger beer. This was a nice vodka version of dark and stormy and the infused lemongrass was a great enhancement to the drink. This maybe a new favorite.

Red Lantern on Urbanspoon

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