Noche, South End, Boston

Noche, in the South End, is a mid-to-high-end restaurant with a modern Latin focus with ethnic twists. They are also one of the few eateries open until 1:30am, unless we are counting Chinatown. When you enter the restaurant you have to step down into the building’s basement. The decor is lovely with lots of white leather, dark wood and taupe tones, mirrors that show the phases of the moon- all used to mimic the them of nighttime. The decor actually helps to make a small space seem much more spacious than it really is. The bar and dining area is dimly light, giving it more of nightclub or lounge feel.

Once seated they will deliver some pre-appetizer plantain chips. They are pre-made, not freshly fried. They also can be overly salty but come with a spicy aioli which does a good job of hiding the slight staleness. This is their substitute for bread and butter.

Roast Lobster- Wellfleet Littlenecks, Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Chipotle-Lime Butter $28

I’ve never really met a lobster tail that I didn’t like before and this one was no exception, however for $28 would expect more than a small 4 oz portion of lobster tail and 2 claws with 3 clams. The butter sauce is delicious but on the heavy side.

Hanger Steak- rice and beans, picked onions and peppers, chimichurri $22

I really liked the intention and the bright flavors of this dish from the chimichurri. The steak was a bit overdone for my tastes and we skipped the plaintains sheerly because had enough as the pre-appetizer.

Noche is a great place to come have a few fun inventive drinks with friends on a weeknight or weekend. I don’t think I would come here to eat dinner specifically again because it took too long to get our entrees and I was not very impressed with the quality of the dishes for the price we were paying. I’ll certainly warn you that our waiter wasn’t very warm, just more indifferent in attitude than I would have liked. Not all the waitstaff that I saw was like this, I think ours just happened to have an off day.

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